Fun Activities For 2 Year Olds

games for toddlersThe term “terrible twos” is indeed true. If you are a parent to a 2 year old, you will know exactly what we’re talking about. Toddlers at that age are just pure bundles of energy. They have just learned to walk and talk and are usually extremely curious about everything! As a parent, I’m sure you will appreciate some fun activities to provide to your 2 year old to help them work off that excess energy. These are our top picks for active 2 year old boy and girls!

Learning How To Spell With Bubble Wrap

You know that bubble wrap that came with the new tv you just bought? Don’t throw it away! This handy packing material can be recycled and reused. Get a marker pen and write out alphabets on the bubble wrap – one letter per bubble will be a good idea. Next, get your child to spell words whilst correspondingly popping the correct alphabet on the bubble wrap. Remember to start with easy words like dog and cat before you jump to something complicated like hippopotamus!

Make An Alphabet Bracelet

If you have a little girl, she would love this! All you have to do is get some beads with letters printed on them. Next, ask your daughter to string together the beads to spell her name. Once done, she can wear the bracelet proudly whilst reinforcing the lesson learnt on how to spell her name!